Message From The Chairperson

February 24, 2015

Kazuma Fujimoto
Chairperson of the Board of Directors,
Japanese Gastroenterological Association

 藤本 一眞In February 2015, the Board of Directors was held during the 11th Japanese Gastroenterological Association (JGA) and I was elected to be the fourth Chairperson. Generational change in the Board of Directors has furthered and many directors who made efforts to establish this association retired. Elected under such circumstance, honestly speaking, I am very concerned for operation of the association regarding how and in which direction I should advance. I am sure that I will be discussing in great deal with my predecessors, Dr. Makoto Ito, Dr. Akira Terano, Dr. Choitsu Sakamoto. Fortunately, Dr. Hideyuki Hiraishi, President of the 12th Annual Meeting of the JGA which will be held while I am appointed for the Chairperson, Dr. Takashi Joh, President of the 13th Annual Meeting of the JGA, and Dr. Hidemi Goto, Chairperson of the JGA Educational Seminar are all of the same generation with me and we know each other very well. In addition, Dr. Toshiyuki Matsui, Chairperson of the JGA Educational Seminar this year, was my senior at Kyushu University and I will consult him and ask for guidance about the operation.

Keeping a certain distance from the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology (JSGE) as well as the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society (JGES), the JGA has made various attempts to follow our own course with gastrointestinal tract as our main focus. On the other hand, we have kept close contacts with Dr. Hisao Tajiri, President of the JGES and Dr. Toru Shimosegawa, President of the JSGE. I believe that it is most important for the association to work for the members and to offer the place where the members can present and discuss freely and thoroughly. The number of members is increasing, which may bring some difficulties to us. However, academic societies and meetings should be responsible for offering opportunities to examine and evaluate each other’s presentation and enhance their content and quality.

A critical role of the association is not only to provide support and opportunities for presentation and discussion but also to provide opportunities to acquire specialized and professional knowledge. Some information may seem interesting but it does not mean that is something we should know. However, medical information advances quickly and acquiring and comprehending every detail of it is very difficult. The association should provide fast and accurate information as its task.

Educating a medical specialist is also an important task. With a hard work of Director, Dr. Shinichi Takahashi, the JGA has started gastroenterological specialist system at last. Relationship of the Japanese Medical Specialty Board and each association, however, is not clear and I image that many of members feel concerned. Former Director, Dr. Tetsuo Arakawa, who has involved in this association since its foundation, is a voting member of the Japanese Medical Specialty Board as President of Association of Japanese Medical Colleges. Therefore, we can expect to receive fast and accurate information. With this advantage I will consult with you before determining a direction to take.

I intend to reflect as many members’ opinions as possible to the association’s operation. I greatly appreciate your further support and guidance.

With kind regards,

Kazuma Fujimoto